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word pronunciación
1 the smallest unit of spoken or written language that can be used independently, usually separated off by spaces in writing and printing.
2 a brief conversation on a particular matter.
3 any brief statement, message or communication a word of caution .
4 news or notice any word of Jane? She sent word she'd arrive tomorrow .
5 a rumour The word is he's bankrupt .
6 one's solemn promise.
7 an order expects her word to be obeyed .
8 a word given as a signal for action Wait till I give the word .
9 (words) what someone says or said remembered her mother's words .
10 (words) language as a means of communication impossible to convey in words .
11 (words) an argument or heated discussion; verbal contention We had words when he returned .
12 (words) discussion in contrast to action Words alone will get us nowhere .
13 (words)
a the lyrics of a song, etc;
b the speeches an actor must learn for a particular part.
14 (the Word) Christianity the teachings contained in the Bible.
15 a watchword mum's the word .
16 comput
a a group of bits or bytes that can be processed as a single unit by a computer, the size of a word varying according to the size of the computer;
b in word-processing: any group of characters separated from other such groups by spaces or punctuation, whether or not it is a real word.
17 in compounds used after a letter and preceded by the (sense 4a) indicating something unmentionable or taboo beginning with that letter the m-word (for -marriage-) the c-word (for -cancer-).
verb (worded , wording ) to express something in carefully chosen words.
a good word a recommendation, praise, etc not a good word to say about anyone .
as good as one's word careful to keep one's promise.
a word in someone's ear a confidential or private conversation.
break one's word to fail to keep or fulfil one's promise.
by word of mouth see under word of mouth.
have a word with someone to speak with them, usually for a specific reason.
have no words for someone or something to be at a loss to describe or express them or it.
have words with someone colloq to quarrel with them.
in a word briefly; in short.
in other words saying the same thing in a different way.
in so many words explicitly; bluntly.
my word or upon my word an exclamation of surprise.
not the word for it not a strong enough expression for it Stupid isn't the word for it .
of many or few words inclined to be talkative or reserved.
put in a good word for someone to recommend or mention them favourably to someone who could benefit them in some way.
put words into someone's mouth to attribute or supply to them words that they did not, or do not intend to, use.
say the word to give one's consent or approval for some action to proceed.
take someone at their word to take their offer or suggestion, etc literally.
take someone's word for it to accept what they say as true, without verification.
take the words out of someone's mouth to say exactly what they were about to say.
the last word
1 the final, especially conclusive, remark or comment in an argument.
2 the most up-to-date design or model, or most recent advance in something.
3 the finest example of eg a particular quality, etc the last word in good taste .
too funny or stupid, etc for words colloq exceptionally or extremely funny or stupid, etc.
word for word said of a statement, etc: repeated in exactly the same words, or translated into exactly corresponding words; verbatim.
word of honour see separate entry.
words fail me I am unable to express my feelings or reaction.

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