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wit pronunciación 1
1 the ability to express oneself amusingly; humour.
2 someone who has this ability.
3 humorous speech or writing.
4 (also wits) common sense or intelligence or resourcefulness will he have the wit to phone?
[Anglo-Saxon, meaning -mind- or -thought-]
at one's wits' end colloq reduced to despair; completely at a loss.
have or keep one's wits about one to be, or stay, alert.
live by one's wits to live by cunning.
scared, etc out of one's wits extremely scared, etc.

wit pronunciación 2
verb (1st and 3rd person present tense wot , past tense and past participle wist , present participle witting ) archaic to know how; to discern.
[Anglo-Saxon witan to know]
to wit law that is to say; namely.

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