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wing pronunciación
1 one of the two modified forelimbs of a bird or bat that are adapted for flight.
2 one of two or more membranous outgrowths that project from either side of the body of an insect enabling it to fly.
3 one of the flattened structures that project from either side of an aircraft body.
4 any of the corner sections of a vehicle body, forming covers for the wheels.
5 a part of a building projecting from the central or main section the west wing .
6 the left or right flank of an army or fleet in battle formation.
7 sport in football and hockey, etc:
a either edge of the pitch;
b the player at either extreme of the forward line.
8 (wings) theat the area at each side of a stage, where performers wait to enter, out of sight of the audience.
9 a group with its own distinct views and character, within a political party or other body. See also left wing, right wing.
10 in the RAF: a unit consisting of several squadrons.
11 (wings) in the RAF: a qualified pilot's badge.
12 (wings) literary a miraculous surge of speed.
13 bot any of various flat or projecting sections of a plant.
verb (winged , winging )
1 (often wing one's way) to make one's way by flying, or with speed.
2 to wound (a bird) in the wing or a person in the arm or shoulder; to wound someone or something superficially.
3 poetic to fly or skim lightly over something.
4 to send (eg an arrow) swiftly on its way.
[12c: from Norse vængre ]
winged adjective .
wingless adjective .
in the wings
1 theat waiting for one's turn to perform.
2 ready for action when required.
on the wing flying; in flight.
spread or stretch one's wings
1 to use one's potential fully.
2 to escape from a confining environment in order to do this.
take wing poetic to fly off.
under someone's wing under their protection or guidance.

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