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wild hyacinth
noun the bluebell.

wild man
1 an uncivilized person; a savage.
2 in politics: someone with extreme or radical views.

wild oat
noun any of several tall perennial weeds related to the cultivated oat.
sow one's wild oats said especially of young men: to live a life of debauchery, indulgence and excesses before settling down to a more decent and dignified life.

wild pansy see under heartsease

wild rice
noun a tall aquatic grass that yields rice-like seeds.

wild type
noun the form of a species that occurs under natural breeding conditions, as distinct from mutant types.

Wild West or the Wild West
noun , hist the part of the US west of the Mississippi, settled during the 19c and legendary for the adventures of its cattlemen and the struggle to gain territory from the Native American population.

wild-goose chase
noun a search that is bound to be unsuccessful and fruitless.

noun (wildcats or wildcat )
1 (often wild cat) an undomesticated cat of Europe and Asia, which has a longer stouter body and longer legs than the domestic cat, and a thick bushy tail.
2 (often wild cat) any of several small or medium-sized cats, eg lynx and ocelot, as opposed to the lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah and other large cats.
3 a short-tempered, fierce and aggressive person.
4 an exploratory oil well.
1 said of an industrial strike: not called or approved by a trade union.
2 said of a business scheme: financially unsound or risky; speculative.
3 said of an oil well: exploratory; experimental.

noun (wildebeest or wildebeests ) either of two species of large antelope that live in herds on the grassland of Africa, having a large head, thick neck and large curved horns. Also called gnu.
[19c: Afrikaans, from Dutch wilde wild + beest ox]

1 an uncultivated or uninhabited region.
2 any desolate or pathless area.
3 an overgrown tangle of weeds, etc.
4 a part of a garden or estate deliberately left wild for romantic effect.
5 politics the state of being without office or influence after playing a leading role.
6 a large confused or confusing assemblage.
7 any daunting maze.
[13c: from Anglo-Saxon wilddeoren of wild beasts]
a voice crying in the wilderness someone with an important message or warning that goes unheeded, in allusion to Matthew 3.3.

1 a highly flammable liquid originally used in warfare.
2 a sweeping destructive fire.
spread like wildfire said of disease or rumour, etc: to spread rapidly and extensively.

singular or plural noun a game bird or game birds, especially waterfowl.
wildfowler noun someone who hunts and kills wildfowl.
wildfowling noun .

1 a wild crab apple.
2 any plant that grows wild or without cultivation.
3 a wild animal.
go wilding US said of a gang of youths: to roam the streets violently attacking, robbing and rampaging.

wildish see under wild

noun wild animals, birds and plants in general.

wildlife park
noun a safari park.

wildly see under wild

noun , chiefly poetic wild, uncultivated or unfrequented woodland.


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