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wide pronunciación
adjective (wider , widest )
1 large in extent from side to side.
2 measuring a specified amount from side to side three feet wide .
3 said of the eyes: open to the fullest extent.
4 said eg of a door or window: opened as wide as possible.
5 said of a range or selection, etc: covering a great variety There's a wide choice of films on .
6 extensive; widespread wide support .
7 said of clothing: not tight-fitting; loose or baggy a wide skirt .
8 general, as opposed to particular consider the wider implications .
9 (wide of something) off the mark his aim was wide of the target .
10 slang lax in morals.
1 over an extensive area, especially in the phrase far and wide.
2 to the fullest extent with legs wide apart .
3 off the mark His aim went wide .
noun , cricket a ball bowled out of the batsman's reach.
[Anglo-Saxon wid ]
widely see separate entry.
wideness noun .
widish adjective .
wide awake fully awake or alert.
wide of the mark
1 off target.
2 far or astray from the truth.
wide open
1 open to the fullest extent.
2 colloq vulnerable; exposed to attack.
3 said of a contest, etc: having an uncertain or unpredictable outcome.

wide body or wide bodied
adjective said of an aircraft: that has a wide fuselage.

wide boy
noun , colloq a shrewd but dishonest operator, especially in business undertakings.

wide receiver
noun in American football: a member of the offensive team whose task is to catch passes and run with the ball.

adjective , photog , cinematog said of a shot, an effect, etc: taken with, or resulting from being taken with, a wide-angle lens.

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