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wick pronunciación
noun the twisted string running up through a candle or lamp and projecting at the top, that burns when lit and draws up the wax or inflammable liquid into the flame.
[Anglo-Saxon weoce ]
dip one's wick slang said of a man: to have sexual intercourse with someone.
get on someone's wick slang to be a source of irritation to them.

adjective (wickeder , wickedest )
1 evil or sinful; immoral.
2 mischievous, playful or roguish.
3 slang excellent or cool; admirable.
4 colloq bad wicked weather .
noun (the wicked) wicked people as a group (see the, sense 4b).
[13c: from Anglo-Saxon wicca wizard]
wickedly adverb .
wickedness noun .

1 a small pliant twig, cane, etc.
2 wickerwork.
1 said of a fence or basket, etc: made of interwoven twigs, canes or rushes, etc.
2 encased in wickerwork.
[14c: Scandinavian]

noun articles made from wicker; basketwork of any kind.

1 cricket
a a row of three small wooden posts stuck upright in the ground behind either crease;
b the playing area between these;
c a batsman's stand at the wicket;
d a batsman's dismissal by the bowler 45 runs for two wickets .
2 (in full wicket gate or wicket door) a small door or gate, especially one that can open separately within a large door or gate.
3 US a small opening or window with a grille, eg at a ticket office or bank.
[13c: from French wiket ]
get or take, etc a wicket to bowl a batsman out, or have them put out in any way as a result of one's bowling.
keep wicket to be wicketkeeper.
on a good or sticky wicket in a valuable or difficult position.

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