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No se ha encontrado la palabra exacta. Esto es lo más aproximado:

1 all the constituents or components of something He ate the whole of it the whole of the time .
2 something complete in itself, especially something consisting of integrated parts.
1 comprising all of something; no less than the total amount, number, etc; entire The concert lasted four whole hours The whole street heard you .
2 in one piece swallowed it whole .
3 unbroken only two cups left whole .
4 colloq huge; vast a whole pile of work to do .
5 old use healthy; well the miracle that made him whole .
6 said of a sister or brother: having both parents in common.
adverb , colloq completely; altogether; wholly found a whole new approach .
[Anglo-Saxon hal healthy]
wholeness noun .
a whole lot colloq a great deal I feel a whole lot better .
as a whole in general; taken as a complete group, etc rather than as individuals.
go the whole hog see under hog.
on the whole considering everything.

whole cloth
noun cloth in its full manufactured size.

whole number
noun , maths
1 any number containing no fractions; an integer.
2 a natural number.

whole-tone scale
noun , music either of two scales produced by beginning on one of any two notes a chromatic semitone apart and ascending or descending in whole tones for an octave.

noun (sometimes wholefoods) food which is processed or treated as little as possible, and produced without the use of any fertilizers or pesticides, etc.

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