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white pronunciación
adjective (whiter , whitest )
1 having the colour of snow, the colour that reflects all light.
2 (often White)
a said of people: belonging to one of the pale-skinned races;
b referring or relating to such people.
3 abnormally pale, eg from shock or illness.
4 said eg of a rabbit or mouse: albino.
5 said of hair: lacking pigment, as in old age.
6 said of a variety of anything, eg grapes: pale-coloured, as distinct from darker types.
7 said of wine: made from white grapes or from skinned black grapes.
8 a said of flour: having had the bran and wheat germ removed;
b said of bread: made with white flour.
9 said of coffee or tea: with milk or cream added.
10 auspicious; fortunate or favourable.
11 said of glass, etc: transparent or colourless.
12 poetic said of the soul, etc: pure or purified from sin; innocent.
13 said of one's morals, etc: pure; innocent.
14 said of a witch: not malevolent; only using her powers for good purposes.
1 the colour of snow.
2 white colour or colouring matter, eg paint.
3 (often White) a white person.
4 (in full egg-white) the clear fluid surrounding the yolk of an egg; albumen.
5 the white part of the eyeball, surrounding the iris.
6 a white butterfly.
7 games
a something white, eg a playing-piece in chess or draughts, a ball in snooker, or a ring on an archery target;
b the player of the white pieces in a board game.
8 (whites)
a household linen;
b white clothes, eg as worn for cricket or tennis.
[Anglo-Saxon hwit ]
whitely adverb .
whiteness noun .
bleed someone white to drain or deprive them gradually of resources or wealth, etc.
whiter than white extremely white; very pure.

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