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verb (whisked , whisking )
1 to transport someone or something rapidly was whisked off to hospital .
2 (often whisk something off or away) to brush or sweep it lightly off or away.
3 to beat (egg-whites or cream, etc) until stiff.
1 a whisking movement or action.
2 a hand-held implement for whisking egg-whites or cream, etc.
3 a bundle of grass or twigs, etc for swatting flies or sweeping dust.

1 any of the long coarse hairs that grow round the mouth of a cat or mouse, etc.
2 (whiskers) a man's beard.
3 the tiniest possible margin; a hair's breadth won by a whisker .
4 a very thin strong fibre or filament made by growing a crystal.
5 someone or something that whisks.
whiskered or whiskery adjective .

whisky or (Irish & N Am, esp US) whiskey
noun (whiskies or whiskeys )
1 an alcoholic spirit distilled from a fermented mash of cereal grains, eg barley, wheat or rye.
2 a drink of this.
3 (Whiskey) communications in the NATO alphabet: the word used to denote the letter -W- (see table in the Supplement to this book).
[18c: from Gaelic uisge beatha , literally -water of life-]

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