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where pronunciación
adverb used in questions, indirect questions and statements:
1 in, at or to which place; in what direction Where is she going? I don't know where this road takes us .
2 in what respect showed me where I'd gone wrong .
3 from what source Where did you get information like that?
pronoun what place? Where have you come from?
1 in, at or to the, or any, place that went where he pleased .
2 in any case in which keep families together where possible .
3 the aspect or respect in which That's where you are wrong .
4 and there stopped at Hull, where we picked up Jane .
[Anglo-Saxon hwær ]
tell someone where to get off colloq to tell them that their behaviour is unwelcome or unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
where does he or she, etc get off! colloq who does he or she, etc think they are!
where it's at slang the scene of what is considered to be the most important, exciting or trendy place, etc.
where someone is coming from or where someone is colloq what they are saying or getting at; what their view or opinion is.

También tienes: were
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