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wheel pronunciación
1 a circular object or frame rotating on an axle, used eg for moving a vehicle along the ground.
2 such an object serving as part of a machine or mechanism.
3 an object similar to or functioning like a wheel, eg a spinning-wheel or waterwheel.
4 a steering-wheel.
5 a potter's wheel.
6 a rotating firework; a Catherine wheel.
7 (wheels) colloq a motor vehicle for personal use.
8 (wheels) the workings of an organization, etc the wheels of justice .
9 (usu the wheel) hist a circular instrument of torture on which the victim was stretched.
10 betting a disc or drum on the results of whose random spin bets are made a roulette wheel .
11 a circling or pivoting movement, eg of troops.
12 any progression that appears to go round in a circle.
13 a circular design.
14 a Ferris wheel.
15 poetry one or more short lines at the end of a stanza.
16 a trip, usually a brief one, in a wheeled contraption went out for a wheel in the pram .
verb (wheeled , wheeling )
1 to fit something with a wheel or wheels.
2 to push (a wheeled vehicle or conveyance) or to push someone or something in or on it He wheeled the bike outside .
3 to make something move in a circular course.
4 intr said of troops or birds, etc: to sweep round in a curve around a pivot.
5 intr (usu wheel about or round) to turn around suddenly; to pivot on one's heel.
6 intr to change one's mind abruptly.
[Anglo-Saxon hweol ]
at or behind the wheel
1 in the driver's seat of a car, boat, etc.
2 in charge.
wheel and deal to engage in tough business dealing or bargaining.
wheels within wheels said of a situation in which a complexity of influences is at work.
wheel something out to suggest (an idea, etc) that has often been considered before.

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