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wet nurse
noun a woman employed to breastfeed another's baby.

wet pack
1 a medical treatment involving the wrapping of a person in blankets or sheets dampened with warm or cold water.
2 the dampened material used for this treatment.

wet rot
noun , bot
1 a form of decay in timber caused by certain fungi which develop in wood that is alternately wet and dry.
2 the fungus that causes this. Compare dry rot.

wet suit
noun a tight-fitting rubber suit that is permeable by water, but conserves body heat, worn by divers and canoeists, etc.

wet-and-dry-bulb thermometer
noun a hygrometer consisting of two thermometers, one with a dry bulb, the other with the bulb kept moist.

1 said of a garment or fabric, etc: made of a glossy material, usually PVC, giving the appearance of being wet.
2 said of hair: with the appearance of being wet from the application of a certain type of gel.
noun (wet look) such an appearance given to material or hair.

noun , US colloq an illegal Mexican immigrant worker.
[1940s: so called from the practice of swimming the Rio Grande to get into the US]

noun a castrated ram.

noun (often wetlands) a region of marshy land.

wetted, wetter, wettest and wetting see under wet

wetting agent
noun , chem a substance (eg soap) that, when added to water, reduces its surface tension so that it is more readily spread over or absorbed by the materials it is applied to.


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