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welch see welsh

welcome pronunciación
verb (welcomed , welcoming )
1 to receive (a guest or visitor, etc) with a warm greeting or kind hospitality.
2 to encourage (visits from a specified person or thing) We welcome coach parties .
3 to invite (suggestions or contributions, etc).
4 to approve of (an action, etc).
5 to respond with pleasure to something.
interjection expressing pleasure on receiving someone.
1 the act of welcoming.
2 a reception a cool welcome .
1 warmly received.
2 gladly permitted or encouraged (to do or keep something).
3 much appreciated.
[Anglo-Saxon wilcuma a welcome guest]
welcoming adjective .
welcomingly adverb .
outstay one's welcome to stay too long.
welcome someone or something with open arms to receive them or it warmly, gladly, gratefully or thankfully.
wear out one's welcome to stay too long or call too often.
you're welcome! used in response to thanks: not at all; it's a pleasure.

weld pronunciación 1
verb (welded , welding )
1 engineering to join (two pieces of metal) by heating them to melting point and fusing them together, or by applying pressure alone, producing a stronger joint than soldering.
2 to unite or blend something together firmly.
noun a joint between two metals formed by welding.
[16c: a past participle of obsolete well to melt or weld]
weldability noun .
weldable adjective .
welder or weldor noun a person or device that welds.

weld pronunciación 2
1 a scentless species of mignonette that yields a yellow dye.
2 the dye itself.

1 the health, comfort, happiness and general wellbeing of a person or group, etc.
2 social work concerned with helping those in need, eg the very poor. Also called welfare work.
3 financial support given to those in need.
[14c: from well1 + fare]
on welfare chiefly US receiving financial help from the government or a charity, etc.

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