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weigh pronunciación
verb (weighed , weighing )
1 to measure the weight of something.
2 tr & intr to have (a certain weight).
3 (often weigh something out) to measure out a specific weight of it.
4 (often weigh something up)
a to consider or assess (facts or possibilities, etc);
b to balance it in one's hand so as to feel its weight.
5 intr (weigh with someone) to impress them favourably.
6 intr (usu weigh on or upon someone) to oppress them.
7 to raise (the anchor) of a ship before sailing.
[Anglo-Saxon wegan ]
weighable adjective .
weigher noun .
weigh someone down to burden, overload or oppress them.
weigh in said of a wrestler or boxer before a fight, or of a jockey after a race: to be weighed officially. See also weigh-in.
weigh in with something colloq to contribute (a comment, etc) to a discussion.

noun the official weighing of a wrestler, boxer or jockey. See also weigh in at weigh.

noun an apparatus for weighing vehicles with their loads, consisting of a metal plate set into a road surface and connected to a weighing device.

weight pronunciación
1 the heaviness of something; the amount that it weighs.
2 physics the gravitational force, measured in newtons, acting on a body. Compare mass1.
3 any system of units for measuring and expressing weight.
4 a piece of metal of a standard weight, against which to measure the weight of other objects.
5 (often in compounds ) a heavy object used to compress, hold down or counterbalance something.
6 a heavy load.
7 athletics a heavy object for lifting, throwing or tossing.
8 (weights) weightlifting or weight-training.
9 a standard amount that a boxer, etc should weigh.
10 a mental burden.
11 strength or significance in terms of amount.
12 the main thrust or force.
13 influence, authority or credibility.
14 slang a set measure of a drug, especially an illegal one.
15 stats
a the frequency of an element within a frequency distribution;
b the number denoting this.
verb (weighted , weighting )
1 to add weight to something, eg to restrict movement.
2 (often weight something down) to hold it down in this way.
3 to burden or oppress someone.
4 to assign a handicap weight to (a horse).
5 to arrange or organize something so as to have an unevenness or bias a tax system weighted in favour of the wealthy .
6 stats to attach numbers indicating their relative frequency to (items in a frequency distribution).
[Anglo-Saxon wiht ]
gain or put on weight to become fatter; to increase one's body size.
lose weight to become thinner; to decrease one's body size.
pull one's weight to do one's full share of work, etc.
throw one's weight about colloq to behave in an arrogant or domineering manner.
throw one's weight behind something to give one's full support to it.
worth one's weight in gold exceptionally useful or helpful.

noun muscle-strengthening exercises performed with the aid of adjustable weights and pulleys.

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