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wear pronunciación 1
verb (wore , worn , wearing )
1 to be dressed in something, or have it on one's body.
2 to have (one's hair or beard, etc) cut a certain length or in a certain style.
3 to have (a certain expression).
4 to display or show something.
5 said of a ship: to fly (a flag).
6 intr said of a carpet or garment: to become thin or threadbare through use.
7 to make (a hole or bare patch, etc) in something through heavy use.
8 intr to bear intensive use; to last in use.
9 intr (usu wear on) said of time: to pass.
10 colloq to accept (an excuse or story, etc) or tolerate (a situation, etc).
11 to tire worn to a frazzle .
12 intr (wear on someone) to irritate them.
1 the act of wearing or state of being worn.
2 (often in compounds ) clothes suitable for a specified purpose, person or occasion, etc menswear evening wear .
3 the amount or type of use that clothing or carpeting, etc gets subjected to heavy wear .
4 damage caused through use. See also wear and tear.
[Anglo-Saxon werian ]
wearer noun .
the worse for wear
1 showing signs of wear.
2 showing signs of exhaustion or intoxication, etc.
wear thin
1 to become thin or threadbare.
2 to become unconvincing or ineffective through overuse.
wear away or wear something away to become or make something thin, or to disappear or make something disappear completely, through rubbing or weathering, etc.
wear down or wear something down to become reduced or consumed, or to reduce or consume something, by constant use, rubbing, friction, etc.
wear someone down to tire or overcome them, especially with persistent objections or demands.
wear off said of a feeling or pain, etc: to become less intense; to disappear gradually.
wear out or wear something out to become unusable or make it unusable through use. See also worn out.
wear someone out to tire them completely; to exhaust them.
wear through said of clothing, etc: to develop a hole through heavy wear.

wear pronunciación 2
verb (wore , worn , wearing ) naut
1 to bring (a ship) to another course by turning the stern towards the wind.
2 intr said of a ship: to turn away from the wind.

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