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wave pronunciación
verb (waved , waving )
1 tr & intr to move (one's hand) to and fro in greeting, farewell or as a signal.
2 to hold up and move (some other object) in this way for this purpose.
3 to say ( esp goodbye) in this way.
4 tr & intr to move or make something move or sway to and fro.
5 (esp wave someone on or through) to direct them with a gesture of the hand.
6 intr said of hair: to have a gentle curl or curls.
7 to put a gentle curl into (hair) by artificial means.
a any of a series of moving ridges on the surface of the sea or some other body of water;
b such a ridge as it arches and breaks on the shore, etc.
2 an act of waving the hand, etc.
3 physics a regularly repeated disturbance or displacement in a medium eg water or air.
4 any of the circles of disturbance moving outwards from the site of a shock, such as an earthquake.
5 a loose soft curl, or series of such curls, in the hair.
6 a surge or sudden feeling of an emotion or a physical symptom.
7 a sudden increase in or occurrence of something a crime wave a heat wave .
8 an advancing body of people.
9 any of a series of curves in an upward-and-downward curving line or outline.
[Anglo-Saxon wafian to wave]
waved adjective .
make waves to create a disturbance or cause trouble, etc; to aggravate a situation.
wave someone or something aside to dismiss them or it as unimportant or intrusive.
wave someone off to watch and wave as they go off on a journey.

wave energy see wave power

wave function
noun , physics a mathematical equation in quantum mechanics, that represents the space and time variations in amplitude for a wave system.

wave mechanics
singular noun , physics the area of quantum mechanics that deals with the wave aspect of the behaviour of radiations.

wave power or wave energy
noun energy or power derived from the movement of the ocean waves, especially when used for the generation of electricity.

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