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watch pronunciación
verb (watches , watched , watching )
1 tr & intr to look at or focus one's attention on someone or something that is moving or doing something, etc.
2 tr & intr to pass time looking at or observing (TV, a programme, entertainment or sports event, etc).
3 to keep track of, follow or monitor (developments, progress, etc).
4 to keep (eg a building or person) under observation or surveillance.
5 intr to keep vigil; to remain awake or on the alert.
6 (also watch for something)
a to await one's chance; to be on the alert to take advantage of (an opportunity);
b to look out for or guard against it.
7 to keep checking on something, in case controlling measures or adjustments are necessary.
8 to pay proper attention to something watch where you're going!
noun (watches )
1 a small timepiece, usually worn strapped to the wrist (also called a wristwatch) or on a chain in the waistcoat pocket or attached to clothing.
2 the activity or duty of watching or guarding.
3 a wake; a vigil kept beside a corpse.
4 naut
a any of the four-hour shifts during which particular crew members are on duty;
b those on duty in any such shift.
5 old use a body of sentries on look-out duty; a watchman or body of watchmen.
6 hist a division of the night, especially one of fixed time.
[Anglo-Saxon wæccan or wacian to watch]
keep a watch on something or someone to keep it or them under observation.
on the watch for something looking out for it.
watch it! be careful!
watch oneself colloq to take care in one's behaviour or actions.
watch one's step
1 to step or advance with care.
2 colloq to act cautiously or warily; to take care not to arouse suspicion or cause offence, etc.
watch out to be careful.
watch out for something or someone to be on one's guard against it or them; to look out for them.
watch over someone or something to guard, look after or tend to them or it.

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