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waste pronunciación
verb (wasted , wasting )
1 to use or spend something purposelessly or extravagantly; to squander.
2 to fail to use, make the best of or take advantage of (an opportunity, etc).
3 to throw away (something unused or uneaten, etc).
4 to offer (advice or sympathy, etc) where it is unheeded or unappreciated.
5 (also waste away) tr & intr to lose or cause someone to lose flesh or strength.
6 intr to be used to no, or little, purpose or effect.
7 intr to be diminished, used up or impaired by degrees.
8 tr & intr to wear out or tire, or become worn out or tired.
9 chiefly US slang to kill or murder someone.
10 to treat something as waste material.
11 old use to devastate (territory); to lay (an area) waste.
1 rejected as useless, unneeded or excess to requirements.
2 said of ground: lying unused, uninhabited or uncultivated.
3 physiol denoting material excreted from the body, usually in the urine or faeces.
1 the act or an instance of wasting, or the condition of being wasted.
2 failure to take advantage of something a waste of talent .
3 material that is no longer needed in its present form and must be processed, eg household waste and nuclear waste.
4 refuse; rubbish.
5 physiol matter excreted from the body.
6 a devastated or barren region.
7 (often wastes) a vast tract of uncultivated land or expanse of ocean, etc.
[12c: from French wast ]
go or run to waste to be wasted.
lay something waste to devastate it.

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