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verb (wanted , wanting )
1 to feel a need or desire for something.
2 to need to be dealt with in a specified way The bin wants emptying .
3 colloq ought; need You want to take more care .
4 colloq to need (a certain treatment, etc) He wants his head examined .
5 intr (often want for something) to feel the lack of it That kid wants for nothing .
6 to require the presence of someone or something You are wanted next door .
7 to desire someone sexually.
1 a need or requirement.
2 a lack a want of discretion .
3 a state of need; destitution.
[12c: from Norse vanta to be lacking]
wanter noun .
for want of something in the absence of it.
in want of something needing it.
want to do something or want someone to do something to wish or require that it be done.

want There is sometimes confusion between want and wont.

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