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wall pronunciación
1 a solid vertical brick or stone construction serving eg as a barrier, territorial division or protection.
2 the vertical side of a building or room.
3 (walls) fortifications.
4 anything in some way suggestive of a wall a wall of fire a wall of secrecy .
5 biol
a an outer covering, eg of a cell;
b the side of a hollow organ or cavity.
6 a sheer rock face.
verb (walled , walling )
1 to surround something with, or as if with, a wall.
2 to fortify something with, or as if with, a wall.
3 (usu wall something off or in) to separate or enclose it with a wall That garden has been walled off for years .
4 (wall something or someone up) to block (an opening) with, or seal it or them behind, brickwork, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon weall , from Latin vallum rampart]
walled adjective .
go to the wall said of a business: to fail or go under.
have one's back to the wall to be making one's last desperate stand.
up the wall colloq angry; crazy or mad.
walls have ears a warning or advice to speak discreetly; you may be overheard anywhere.

También tienes: way
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