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walk pronunciación
verb (walked , walking )
1 intr to move along in some direction on foot, moving one's feet alternately and always having one or other foot on the ground.
2 to do this for exercise.
3 intr to go or travel on foot.
4 to travel (a distance) by walking.
5 to go about (the streets or countryside, etc) on foot; to ramble.
6 to lead, accompany or support (someone who is on foot).
7 to take (a dog) out for exercise.
8 intr , old use to live one's life or behave in a specified manner walk in fear .
9 intr , colloq to disappear or go away; to be stolen my pen has walked .
10 tr & intr said of a ghost: to roam or haunt.
11 intr , baseball to advance to first base as a result of receiving four balls (see ball, noun 6).
1 the motion or pace of walking.
2 an outing or journey on foot, especially for exercise.
3 a perambulation in procession.
4 a distance walked or for walking.
5 a person's distinctive manner of walking.
6 a path, especially a broad one; a promenade.
7 a route for walking.
8 a tree-bordered avenue.
9 a walk of life.
10 a district or round walked by a postman, policeman or hawker, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon wealcan ]
walk all over someone colloq to treat them inconsiderately or arrogantly; to take advantage of them.
walk it colloq to succeed or win easily.
walk on air to feel euphoric and light-hearted; to be elated.
walk tall colloq to be proud; to have and show self-respect.
walk the plank see under plank.
walk the streets
1 to wander about aimlessly, or in search of work.
2 to be a prostitute.
walk away from something
1 to ignore or abandon (a commitment or responsibility, etc).
2 to escape unhurt from (an accident, etc).
walk away with something colloq to win (a prize or reward) effortlessly.
walk into something
1 to collide or meet with (eg a joke) unexpectedly.
2 to involve oneself in trouble or difficulty through one's own unwariness.
walk off something to get rid of (unpleasant thoughts or feelings, etc) by walking.
walk off with something
1 to win (a prize or reward) effortlessly.
2 colloq to steal it.
walk out
1 said of factory workers, etc: to leave the workplace in a body, in declaration of a strike. See also walkout.
2 to depart abruptly, especially in protest.
walk out on someone to abandon or desert them.
walk out with someone old use to court someone of the opposite sex.
walk over
1 to win an uncontested race.
2 colloq to have an easy or effortless victory or success. See also walkover.

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