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wafer pronunciación
1 a thin light finely layered kind of biscuit, baked between wafer-irons or wafer-tongs, served eg with ice cream.
2 Christianity a thin disc of unleavened bread or rice paper served to communicants at Holy Communion.
3 a thin disc of adhesive material used instead of a seal on documents, etc.
4 comput a thin slice of silicon on which several chips are formed.
verb (wafered , wafering ) to close, fasten or stick with a wafer.
[14c: Dutch, a variant of wafel waffle]
wafery adjective .

waffle pronunciación 1
noun , cookery a light-textured cake made of batter, with a distinctive grid-like surface pattern formed by the hinged iron mould (called a waffle iron) in which it is baked.
[18c: from Dutch wafel ]

waffle pronunciación 2 colloq
verb (waffled , waffling ) intr
1 (also waffle on) to talk or write at length but to little purpose.
2 N Am to waver or vacillate.
noun talk or writing of this kind.
[19c: originally Scots and N England dialect]
waffler noun .

verb (wafted , wafting ) tr & intr to float or make something float or drift gently, especially through the air.
1 the action of wafting.
2 a whiff, eg of perfume.
3 naut
a a flag or substitute hoisted as a signal;
b the act of displaying such a signal.
[16c: back formation from obsolete wafter escort vessel, from German or Dutch wachter guard]

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