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vote pronunciación
1 a formal indication of choice or opinion, eg in an election or debate.
2 the right to express a choice or opinion, especially in a national election Asylum seekers do not have a vote .
3 a choice or opinion expressed formally, eg by a show of hands, a mark on a ballot paper, etc a vote in favour of the motion .
4 the support given by a certain sector of the population, or to a particular candidate or group, in this way He'll attract the middle-class vote .
verb (voted , voting )
1 intr to cast or register a vote Have you voted yet? I voted against the proposal .
2 to decide, state, grant or bring about something by a majority of votes They voted that the tax be abolished voted a new grant of funds .
3 to elect to or from a particular post or honour voted the Green candidate in He was voted out of the White House .
4 colloq to declare or pronounce by general consent The show was voted a success .
5 colloq to propose or suggest something I vote that we go for a swim .
[14c: from Latin votum wish, from vovere to vow]
votable adjective .
voter noun .
vote with one's feet to indicate one's dissatisfaction with a situation or condition by leaving.
vote someone or something down to reject or defeat them or it by voting.

vote of confidence or vote of no confidence
noun a vote which shows whether the majority support or disapprove of a person or group in authority or leadership, especially the government.

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