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voice pronunciación
1 a sound produced by the vocal organs and uttered through the mouth, especially by humans in speech or song.
2 the ability to speak; the power of speech lost his voice .
3 a way of speaking or singing peculiar to each individual couldn't recognize the voice .
4 a tone of speech reflecting a particular emotion in a nervous voice .
5 the sound of someone speaking heard a voice .
6 the ability to sing, especially to sing well has no voice has a lovely voice .
7 expression in the form of spoken words gave voice to their feelings .
8 a means or medium of expression or communication newspapers as the voice of the people .
9 grammar the status or function of a verb in being either active or passive.
verb (voiced , voicing )
1 to express something in speech He voiced his disapproval .
2 phonetics to pronounce (a sound) with a vibration of the vocal cords.
[13c: from French vois , from Latin vox ]
in good voice singing well.
with one voice unanimously.

voice box
noun , colloq the larynx.

voice mail or voicemail
noun a system by which telephone messages can be stored in a central location and listened to by the addressee at their convenience.

Voice of America
noun (abbreviation VOA) the branch of the US Information Agency that broadcasts news and entertainment programmes to the world.

noun (voice-overs ) the voice of, or words spoken by, an unseen narrator in a film, TV advertisement or programme, etc.

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