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view pronunciación
1 an act or opportunity of seeing without obstruction a good view of the stage .
2 something, especially a landscape, seen from a particular point a magnificent view from the summit .
3 a range or field of vision out of view .
4 a scene recorded in photograph or picture form.
5 a description or impression The book gives a view of life in Roman times .
6 an opinion; a point of view Can we have your view on homelessness?
7 a way of considering or understanding something a short-term view of the situation .
verb (viewed , viewing )
1 to see or look at something.
2 to inspect or examine something viewed the house that was for sale .
3 to consider or regard something.
4 to watch (a programme) on TV.
[15c: from French veue saw, from veoir to see, from Latin videre ]
have something in view to have it as a plan or aim.
in view of something taking account of it; because of it.
on view displayed for all to see or inspect.
take a dim view of something to regard it disapprovingly or unfavourably.
with a view to something with the hope or intention of achieving it bought the house with a view to retiring there .

1 able to be seen.
2 sufficiently interesting to be looked at or watched.

noun a system by which computerized information can be displayed on a TV screen by means of a telephone link with a computer source.

viewer pronunciación
1 any device used for viewing something, especially a photographic slide.
2 someone who views something, especially TV.

viewfinder pronunciación
noun a device that forms part of a camera showing the field of view covered by the lens. Also shortened to finder.

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