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usual pronunciación
adjective done, happening, etc most often; customary took the usual route to work .
1 something which is usual, customary, etc.
2 (usu the or my usual) colloq the thing regularly requested, done, etc, especially the drink that someone regularly or most often orders.
[14c: French, from Latin usus use]
usually adverb ordinarily; normally.
usualness noun .
as usual as regularly happens; as is or was usual.

usufruct pronunciación law
noun the right to use and profit from another's property, as long as the property is not damaged or diminished in any way.
verb (usufructed , usufructing ) to hold (property) in usufruct.
[17c: from Latin usufructus , from Latin usus et fructus use and enjoyment]
usufructuary noun someone who holds property in usufruct.
adjective relating to usufruct.

usurer pronunciación
noun someone who lends money, especially one who charges exorbitant rates of interest.
[13c: see usury]

usurp pronunciación
verb (usurped , usurping )
1 to take possession of (eg land) or assume (eg power, authority, a title, etc) by force, without right or unjustly.
2 to encroach on something (eg someone else's rights, territory, sphere of interest, etc).
[14c: from French usurper , from Latin usurpare to take possession for use]
usurpation noun .
usurper noun .

usury pronunciación
noun (usuries )
1 the practice of lending money at an unfairly or illegally high rate of interest.
2 such a rate of interest.
[14c: from Latin usuria , from usus use]
usurious adjective
1 relating to or involving usury.
2 said of interest: excessive.
3 practising usury; charging excessive interest.

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