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ups and downs
plural noun
1 rises and falls.
2 spells of alternating success and failure, good and bad luck, etc.

ups-a-daisy , upsy-daisy or oops-a-daisy
interjection expressing encouragement to a child who is being helped up or who is getting up, eg after a fall.

adjective , US colloq pertaining to or designed to appeal to the wealthier in society; up-market.

upset pronunciación
1 to disturb or distress someone emotionally.
2 to ruin or spoil (eg plans, etc).
3 to disturb the proper balance or function of (a person's stomach or digestion).
4 to disturb something's normal balance or stability.
5 tr & intr to knock something over or overturn it.
6 to defeat or overthrow (an opponent), especially unexpectedly.
1 a disturbance or disorder, eg of plans, the digestion, etc.
2 an unexpected result or outcome, eg of a contest.
1 emotionally distressed, angry or offended, etc.
2 disturbed an upset stomach .
upsetter noun .
upsetting adjective .
upsettingly adverb .

upset price
noun the lowest price acceptable for something that is for sale, and the price at which bidding starts at an auction; a reserve price.

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