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UP pronunciación
abbreviation United Press.

up pronunciación
preposition at or to a higher position on, or a position further along climbed up the stairs walking up the road .
1 at or to a higher position or level lift it up turn up the volume prices went up .
2 at or to a place higher up, or a more northerly place.
3 in or to a more erect position stood up .
4 fully or completely use up eat up .
5 into the state of being gathered together saved up for it parcel up the presents .
6 in or to a place of storage or lodging put them up for the night .
7 out of bed got up .
8 to or towards travelling up to London walked up to him .
9 to or at university up at Oxford .
adjective (comparative upper , superlative uppermost or upmost ; see also separate entries)
1 placed in, or moving or directed to, a higher position.
2 out of bed He's not up yet .
3 having an advantage; ahead two goals up £5 up after the first bet .
4 said of a road: under repair.
5 appearing in court up before the judge .
6 said of the sun: visible above the horizon.
7 relating to or providing (especially rail) transport to, rather than away from, a major place, especially London the up train the up line .
verb (upped , upping )
1 to raise or increase something upped the price .
2 intr , colloq to start boldly or unexpectedly doing something; to get up (and do something) He upped and left her .
1 a success or advantage.
2 a spell of good luck or prosperity.
[Anglo-Saxon up or upp ]
be well up on or in something to have a thorough knowledge of it.
it's all up with someone colloq there is no hope for them.
not up to much colloq not good at all; no good.
on the up-and-up colloq
1 steadily becoming more successful.
2 honest; on the level.
something's up something is wrong or amiss.
up against someone or something
1 situated or pressed close against them.
2 facing the difficulties, etc associated with them; having to cope with them.
up and about or up and doing out of bed and active.
up for something
1 presented or offered for (eg discussion or sale).
2 under consideration for (a job or post).
3 prepared and eager to do it We're going out clubbing. Are you up for it?
up to someone their responsibility; dependent on them It's up to you .
up to something
1 immersed or embedded as far as up to his eyes in work .
2 capable of; equal to Are you up to meeting them?
3 thinking about doing or engaged in doing was up to his usual tricks What are you up to?
4 as good as not up to his usual standard .
5 as many or as much as up to two weeks .
up to speed
1 having reached the required speed.
2 fully informed of the latest developments; knowledgeable about something.
up top colloq (in) the head or mind.
up to the minute completely up to date.
up with
1 abreast of.
2 even with.
3 an expression of enthusiastic approval or support Up with Christmas!
up yours! coarse slang an expression of strong refusal, defiance, contempt, etc.
what's up? what's the matter?; what's wrong?

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