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universal pronunciación
1 relating to the universe.
2 relating to, typical of, affecting, etc the whole world or all people.
3 relating to, typical of, affecting, etc all the people or things in a particular group.
4 colloq widespread; general; all-round won universal approval .
5 logic said of a statement or proposition: asserting something about all the members of a class. Compare particular.
6 said of a language, especially an artificial one, etc: intended to be used as a means of communication by speakers of different languages throughout the world.
7 covering or knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects, activities, interests, etc.
8 said of a machine, tool, etc: designed for, or adjustable to, a wide range of uses, sizes, etc; not restricted to one purpose, position, etc.
9 (abbreviation U) in film classification: suitable for everyone.
1 something that is universal.
2 philos a general term or concept, or the nature or type signified by such a term.
3 logic a universal proposition.
4 linguistics a basic feature or rule that is found generally in natural languages.
5 a film that has been classified as suitable for everyone.
[14c: from French universel or Latin universalis , from universus ; see universe]
universally adverb .
universalness noun .

universal indicator
noun , chem a mixture of several chemical indicators, used to measure the pH (relative acidity or alkalinity) of a solution, that shows a whole range of different colours corresponding to different pH values.

universal joint or universal coupling
noun a joint or coupling, especially between two rotating shafts, that allows movement in all directions.

noun , theol the doctrine of or belief in universal salvation, ie the ultimate salvation of all mankind.
Universalist noun , adjective .

1 a universal feature, characteristic, etc.
2 universality.

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