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1 a single item or element regarded as the smallest subdivision of a whole; a single person or thing.
2 a set of mechanical or electrical parts, or a group of workers, performing a specific function within a larger construction or organization.
3 a standard measure of a physical quantity, such as time or distance, specified multiples of which are used to express its size, eg an SI unit.
4 non-technical a kilowatt-hour.
5 any whole number less than ten.
6 any subdivision of a military force.
7 a an item of furniture that combines with others to form a set;
b a set of such items.
8 pharmacol the amount of a drug, vaccine, etc that is required to produce a specific effect.
9 a standard measure used to calculate alcohol intake, equivalent to 9 grams of absolute alcohol, approximately equivalent to a pint of beer, etc, a glass of wine, a measure of spirits, etc.
10 finance the smallest measure of investment in a unit trust.
11 N Am, Aust & NZ short form of home unit.
adjective relating to the quantity of one, eg unit price.
[16c: from Latin unus one, perhaps modelled on digit; see also unity]

unit cost
noun the actual cost of producing one item.

unit of account
noun a monetary unit used as a basis of exchange or comparison, or as a unit in accounting, but which does not necessarily correspond to any actual currency.

unit price
noun the price per unit of goods supplied.

unit pricing
noun a method of pricing foodstuffs, etc by showing the cost per agreed unit, eg kilogram or pound, as well as or instead of the price of the item.

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