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unique pronunciación
1 sole or solitary; of which there is only one.
2 referring to something that is the only one of its kind; without equal; unparalleled, especially in excellence.
3 (usu unique to someone or something) referring to something that belongs solely to, or is associated solely with, them or it.
4 colloq, loosely extremely unusual; excellent.
noun a unique person or thing.
[17c: from French, from Latin unicus alone of its kind or without equal, from unus one]
uniquely adverb .
uniqueness noun .

unique Unique is commonly qualified by words like absolutely, completely, more, most, very, although some people object to this, regarding unique as something absolute in itself: The atmosphere of the occasion was absolutely unique. Surely no one had more unique or peaceful surroundings in which to work than we did. Recommendation: Avoid (in particular) using more, most and very with unique when writing or speaking to people who are likely to be precise about the use of language.

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