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union pronunciación
a the action or an act of uniting two or more things;
b the state of being united.
2 a united whole.
3 surgery the growing together in healing of the parts of a broken bone, sides of a wound, etc.
4 formal
a marriage; the state of wedlock;
b sexual intercourse.
5 an association, confederation, etc of people or groups for a common (especially political) purpose.
6 agreement or harmony.
7 a league or association, especially a trade union.
8 a a device representative of union on a flag;
b the same device used separately as a flag, such as the Union Jack.
9 a device that connects one thing with another, especially a connecting part for pipes, etc.
10 (also Union)
a an organization concerned with the interests and welfare of the students in a college, university, etc;
b the building that houses such an organization, often also the site of canteen and recreational facilities, etc.
11 a textile fabric made from more than one kind of fibre.
12 maths (symbol ?)
a a set2 ( noun 2) comprising all the members (but no others) of two or more smaller sets;
b the operation of forming such a set. See also intersection (sense 5).
13 hist in 19c England: a number of parishes united for the administration of the poor laws.
14 in the Indian subcontinent: a local administrative unit made up of several villages.
[15c: from French, from Latin unio , unionis oneness or unity, from Latin unus one]

union catalogue
noun a catalogue that lists all the publications held at several co-operating libraries.

Union flag see under Union Jack

Union Jack
noun (also Union flag) the national flag of the United Kingdom, combining the crosses of St Andrew, St George and St Patrick.

union pipes see under uillean pipes

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