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typ. see under typo

type pronunciación
1 a class or group of people, animals or things which share similar characteristics; a kind or variety.
2 the general character, nature or form of a particular class or group.
3 colloq a person, especially of a specified kind the silent type He's not really my type .
4 a person, animal or thing that is a characteristic example of its group or class.
5 printing
a a small metal block with a raised letter or character on one surface that is used for printing;
b a set of such blocks;
c a set of such blocks that give printing of a specified kind italic type .
6 printed letters, characters, words, etc a leaflet with bold red type .
7 biol in taxonomy:
a the group whose essential characteristics serve to define the next highest grouping and which normally gives the family its name;
b (in full type specimen) the actual specimen or individual that the description of a new species or genus is based on and from which the species usually takes its name.
8 a figure or device on either side of a coin.
verb (typed , typing )
1 tr & intr (sometimes typewrite) to write (words, text, etc) using a typewriter or word processor.
2 to be a characteristic example or type of something; to typify.
3 med , biol to allocate to a type; to classify typed the blood sample for cross-matching .
[15c: from Greek typos a blow or impression]
typing see separate entry.
typist see separate entry.

type founder
noun , printing someone whose job is designing and casting metallic type.

type metal
noun an alloy of lead and antimony, usually with tin or bismuth, that is used for casting printing type.

type specimen see under type

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