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two pronunciación
a the cardinal number 2;
b the quantity that this represents, being one more than one.
2 any symbol for this, eg 2 or II.
3 the age of two.
4 something, such as a shoe size, that is denoted by the number 2.
5 the second hour after midnight or midday The meeting is at two 2 o'clock 2pm .
6 a set or group of two.
7 a playing-card with two pips had to lay down his two . Compare deuce1.
8 a score of two points.
1 totalling two.
2 aged two.
[Anglo-Saxon twa ]
in two in or into two pieces.
in two ticks or two shakes (of a lamb's tail) in a moment.
or two an indefinite small number I'll just be a minute or two .
put two and two together to come to a conclusion, usually an obvious one, from the available evidence.
that makes two of us colloq the same is true of me too.
two a penny so common as to be almost worthless.
two by two in pairs.
two can play at that game a taunt or threat which implies that the speaker will resort to the same devices, tactics, etc that the person addressed has used.

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