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twist pronunciación
verb (twisted , twisting )
1 tr & intr to wind or turn round, especially by moving only a single part or by moving different parts in opposite directions twist the knob He twisted round in his seat .
2 intr to follow a winding course The road twists through the mountains .
3 tr & intr to wind around or together twist the pieces of string together .
4 to force or wrench out of the correct shape or position with a sharp turning movement twisting his ankle as he fell .
5 to distort the form, meaning, implication or balance of something twisted his face into an ugly sneer twisted her words .
6 (often twist something off) to remove or break off with a sharp turning movement.
7 to form something by winding or weaving.
8 intr to dance the twist.
9 tr & intr to take or give a spiral or coiled form (to).
1 an act or the process of twisting.
2 something that is formed by twisting or being twisted.
3 a turn or coil; a bend.
4 a sharp turning movement which pulls something out of shape; a wrench.
5 an unexpected event, development or change, eg of direction a twist in the plot .
6 a distortion of form, nature or meaning.
7 an eccentricity or perversion.
8 a length of thread, cord, silk, etc formed by twisting two or more strands together.
9 a a twisted roll of bread;
b a twisted roll of tobacco;
c a curl of citrus peel that is used to flavour a drink served with a twist of lemon .
10 a piece of paper that has its ends twisted together to form a small packet, especially one that contains a collection of small items such as sweets.
11 (usu the twist) a dance that was popular during the 1960s and which involves making twisting movements of the legs and hips.
[14c: from English twisten to divide]
twistable adjective .
twisting adjective , noun .
get one's knickers in a twist see under knickers.
round the twist colloq mad; crazy.
twist someone's arm colloq to apply pressure, especially moral pressure, to someone to make them act in the way one wants.
twist someone round one's little finger see under finger.
twist the knife in the wound see under knife.

twist drill
noun a drill bit used in metalwork which has two grooves that run from the point along the shank to help keep the drill clear of swarf and shavings.

adjective said of a lid, top, etc: able to be removed without using an opener The beer now comes with a handy twist-off top .

twisted pronunciación
1 full of twists; coiled or distorted a tree with knarled and twisted branches .
2 colloq said of someone or their mind: emotionally disturbed or perverted a film that would appeal to twisted minds .

twister pronunciación
1 Brit colloq a dishonest or deceiving person; a swindler.
2 N Am colloq a tornado.
3 someone who dances the twist.

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