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tune pronunciación
1 a pleasing succession of musical notes; a melody.
2 the correct, or a standard, musical pitch.
verb (tuned , tuning )
1 tr & intr (also tune up) to adjust (a musical instrument or instruments, their keys or strings, etc) to the correct or a standard pitch.
2 a to adjust (a radio, TV, video recorder, etc) so that it can pick up signals from a specified frequency, station, etc;
b intr (usu tune in) to have a radio adjusted to receive a specified signal, station, programme, etc tuning in to the test match .
3 to adjust (an engine, machine, etc) so that it runs properly and efficiently. See also fine-tune.
[14c: a variant of tone]
tunable or tuneable adjective .
tuning noun .
call the tune colloq to be in charge.
change one's tune to change one's attitude, opinions, approach or way of talking.
in tune
1 said of a voice or musical instrument: having or producing the correct or a required pitch sing in tune .
2 having the same pitch as other instruments or voices The two guitars are not in tune .
in tune with someone or something being aware of and able to relate to them or it in tune with public opinion .
out of tune
1 not having or producing the correct or a required pitch.
2 not having the same pitch as other instruments or voices.
out of tune with someone or something not being aware of and able to relate to them or it completely out of tune with the latest technology .
to the tune of colloq to the (considerable) sum or total of had to shell out to the tune of 500 quid for the car repairs .

1 having a good, clear, pleasant, etc tune; melodious.
2 full of music.
tunefully adverb .
tunefulness noun .

adjective lacking a good, pleasant, etc tune; not melodious.
tunelessly adverb .
tunelessness noun .

1 someone whose job is tuning instruments, especially pianos.
2 electronics an electronic circuit that acts as a filter for radio or television broadcast signals, by selecting one specific frequency, eg the channel selector on a television set.
3 a knob, dial, etc that is used to adjust a radio to different wavelengths corresponding to different stations.
4 a radio that is part of a stereo sound system.

noun a unit that combines a radio tuner and an amplifier.

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