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tube pronunciación
1 a long hollow cylinder which can be flexible or rigid and which is designed for holding or conveying air, liquids, etc. See also inner tube.
2 a body structure of similar shape and design in an animal or plant bronchial tubes .
3 a squeezable, approximately cylindrical container that is made from soft metal or plastic with a cap at one end, and that contains a paste, a semi-liquid substance, etc.
4 Brit
a an underground railway system, especially the London one;
b (in full tube train) an underground train. Compare subway.
5 a a cathode ray tube;
b colloq a television set.
6 N Am a thermionic valve.
7 surfing the rounded hollow that a breaking wave forms between its crest and the trough tried to shoot the tube .
8 Scot colloq an extremely stupid person.
verb (tubed , tubing )
1 to fit with a tube or tubes.
2 to enclose in a tube.
[17c: from Latin tubus pipe]
tubal adjective .
tubed adjective .
tubelike adjective .
tubiform adjective .
go down the tubes colloq to fail dismally; to be ruined.

tube foot
noun in echinoderms: any of the small tubelike protrusions that are used in locomotion, respiration or the ingestion of food.

tube worm
noun any of several types of worm that construct a tubelike hole, usually of sand, to live in.

noun (tubectomies ) surgery the removal of a Fallopian tube.

1 without a tube or tubes.
2 said of a tyre: not having an inner tube.

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