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trust pronunciación
1 belief or confidence in, or reliance on, the truth, goodness, character, power, ability, etc of someone or something.
2 charge or care The child was placed in my trust .
3 the state of being responsible for the conscientious performance of some task be in a position of trust .
4 a task assigned to someone in the belief that they will perform it well and conscientiously.
5 credit put it on trust .
6 an arrangement by which money or property is managed by one person for the benefit of someone else.
7 the amount of money or property managed by one person for the benefit of another.
8 a group of business firms working together to control the market in a particular commodity, beat down competition, and maximize profits.
verb (trusted , trusting )
1 tr & intr (usu trust someone or trust in someone) to have confidence or faith in them; to depend or rely on them We can trust her to do a good job .
2 to allow someone to use or do something in the belief that they will behave responsibly, honestly, etc I wouldn't trust him with your new car .
3 (usu trust something or someone to someone) to give them into the care of that person trusted the children to their grandfather .
4 tr & intr to be confident; to hope or suppose I trust you had a good journey .
5 to give credit to someone, especially in business.
[13c: from Norse traust ]
trustable adjective .
truster noun .
in trust said of money, property, etc: under the care, safe-keeping, management, etc of a legally appointed person.
take something or someone on trust to accept or believe it or them without verification.
trust to luck to hope for a fortunate outcome, especially when a matter is out of one's control.
trust you, her, him, them, etc colloq an expression that is used when someone does something predictable or when something predictable happens Trust it to rain when we planned a picnic .

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