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1 a (trumps) the suit of cards that is declared to be of a higher value than any other suit;
b (also trump card) a card of this suit.
2 a secret advantage.
3 colloq a helpful, reliable, fine, etc person.
verb (trumped , trumping )
a to defeat (an ordinary card, a trick with no trumps or an opponent) by playing a trump;
b intr to lay a trump card when an opponent has led with another suit.
2 to win a surprising victory or advantage over (a person, plan, idea, etc).
[16c: a variant of triumph]
come up or turn up trumps colloq
1 to be unexpectedly useful or helpful in difficult circumstances.
2 to turn out to be better than expected.
trump something up to invent or make up (false evidence, accusations, etc).

noun , old use, poetic a trumpet.
[13c: from French trompe trumpet]
the last trump relig the trumpet call to waken the dead on the Day of Judgement.

adjective said of evidence, an accusation, etc: invented or made up; false.

noun (trumperies )
1 showy but worthless articles.
2 rubbish.
adjective showy but worthless.
[15c: from French tromperie , from tromper to deceive]

trumpet pronunciación
a a brass musical wind instrument with a narrow tube and flared bell and a set of valves;
b a similar but simpler instrument that is used, especially by the military, for signalling, fanfares, etc.
2 the corona of a daffodil.
3 any conical device designed to amplify sound, eg an ear trumpet.
4 the loud cry of an elephant.
verb (trumpeted , trumpeting )
1 intr said of an elephant: to make a loud cry.
2 intr to blow a trumpet.
3 to make known or proclaim loudly.
[13c: from French trompette ]
trumpeted adjective .
trumpeter noun .
trumpeting adjective , noun .
blow one's own trumpet to boast about one's own skills, achievements, etc.

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