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verb (trimmed , trimming )
1 to make something neat and tidy, especially by clipping.
2 (also trim away or off) to remove by, or as if by, cutting trim hundreds of pounds off the cost .
3 to make less by, or as if by, cutting trim costs .
4 to decorate with ribbons, lace, ornaments, etc trimmed the dress with pink velvet .
5 to adjust the balance of (a ship, submarine or aircraft) by moving its cargo, ballast, etc.
6 to arrange (a ship's sails) to suit the weather conditions.
7 intr to hold a neutral or middle course between two opposing individuals or groups.
8 intr to adjust one's behaviour to suit current trends or opinions, especially for self-advancement.
a a haircut that is intended to neaten up an existing hairstyle rather than radically change the style;
b the act or process of giving or having this type of haircut.
2 proper order or condition in good trim .
3 material, ornaments, etc used as decoration.
4 the decorative additions to a car, including the upholstery, internal and external colour scheme, and chrome and leather accessories.
5 the set or balance of a ship on the water.
6 said of a ship: the state of being ready, especially with the sails in proper order, for sailing.
7 the inclination of an aircraft in flight, especially with reference to the horizon.
8 parts removed by trimming.
adjective (trimmer , trimmest )
1 in good order; neat and tidy.
2 clean-cut; slim.
[Anglo-Saxon trymian to strengthen]
trimmer see separate entry.

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