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treacherous pronunciación
1 said of someone, their conduct, etc: not to be trusted; ready or likely to betray.
2 hazardous or dangerous; unreliable or untrustworthy Black ice made the roads treacherous .
[14c: from French trechier to cheat]
treacherously adverb .
treacherousness noun .

noun (treacheries )
a deceit, betrayal, cheating or treason;
b an act or the process of this.
[13c: from French trechier to cheat]

1 the thick dark sticky liquid that remains after the crystallization and removal of sugar from extracts of sugar cane or sugar beet. Also called black treacle.
2 molasses.
3 anything that is overly sweet, cloying, sentimental, etc.
[14c: from Greek theriake antidotos an antidote to the bites of wild beasts, from therion wild beast. The word gradually came to be applied to the sugary substance in which the antidote was taken rather than to the antidote itself]
treacly adjective .

tread pronunciación
verb (past tense trod , past participle trodden or trod , present participle treading )
1 intr (usu tread on or in something) to put a foot or feet on or in it; to walk or step on or in it trod on the cat's tail .
2 to step or walk on, over or along trod the primrose path .
3 to crush or press (into the ground, etc) with a foot or feet; to trample treading ash into the carpet .
4 to wear or form (a path, hole, etc) by walking.
5 to perform by walking.
6 intr (usu tread on someone) to suppress them; to treat them cruelly.
7 said of a male bird: to copulate with (a female bird).
1 a manner, style or sound of walking.
2 an act of treading.
3 the horizontal part of a stair where someone puts their foot. Compare riser under rise.
4 a mark made by treading; a footprint or track.
5 a the thick, grooved and patterned surface of a tyre that grips the road and disperses rain water;
b the depth of this surface. See also retread under remould.
6 a the part of a wheel that comes into contact with a rail, the ground, etc;
b the part of a rail that comes into contact with the wheels.
7 the part of a shoe's sole that touches the ground.
[Anglo-Saxon tredan ]
treader noun .
treading noun .
tread on air to be or feel exhilarated.
tread on delicate or dangerous ground or tread on thin ice to be or come perilously close to making a blunder, offending someone, etc.
tread on someone's toes
1 to encroach on their sphere of influence, etc.
2 to offend them.
tread the boards to go on the stage; to act.
tread water
1 to keep oneself afloat and upright in water by making a treading movement with the legs and a circular movement with the hands and arms.
2 to hold back from making a decision, taking progressive action, etc, usually temporarily The company will have to tread water until sales improve .

noun a foot pedal that can be pushed back and forward in a rhythmic motion and so produce the momentum to drive a machine, such as a sewing machine or loom.
verb (treadled , treadling ) intr to work a treadle.
[Anglo-Saxon tredel the step of a stair, related to tread]

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