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tread pronunciación
verb (past tense trod , past participle trodden or trod , present participle treading )
1 intr (usu tread on or in something) to put a foot or feet on or in it; to walk or step on or in it trod on the cat's tail .
2 to step or walk on, over or along trod the primrose path .
3 to crush or press (into the ground, etc) with a foot or feet; to trample treading ash into the carpet .
4 to wear or form (a path, hole, etc) by walking.
5 to perform by walking.
6 intr (usu tread on someone) to suppress them; to treat them cruelly.
7 said of a male bird: to copulate with (a female bird).
1 a manner, style or sound of walking.
2 an act of treading.
3 the horizontal part of a stair where someone puts their foot. Compare riser under rise.
4 a mark made by treading; a footprint or track.
5 a the thick, grooved and patterned surface of a tyre that grips the road and disperses rain water;
b the depth of this surface. See also retread under remould.
6 a the part of a wheel that comes into contact with a rail, the ground, etc;
b the part of a rail that comes into contact with the wheels.
7 the part of a shoe's sole that touches the ground.
[Anglo-Saxon tredan ]
treader noun .
treading noun .
tread on air to be or feel exhilarated.
tread on delicate or dangerous ground or tread on thin ice to be or come perilously close to making a blunder, offending someone, etc.
tread on someone's toes
1 to encroach on their sphere of influence, etc.
2 to offend them.
tread the boards to go on the stage; to act.
tread water
1 to keep oneself afloat and upright in water by making a treading movement with the legs and a circular movement with the hands and arms.
2 to hold back from making a decision, taking progressive action, etc, usually temporarily The company will have to tread water until sales improve .

noun a foot pedal that can be pushed back and forward in a rhythmic motion and so produce the momentum to drive a machine, such as a sewing machine or loom.
verb (treadled , treadling ) intr to work a treadle.
[Anglo-Saxon tredel the step of a stair, related to tread]

1 an apparatus for producing motion that consists of a large wheel turned by people (especially formerly prisoners) or animals treading on steps inside or around it.
2 a monotonous and dreary routine.
3 a piece of exercise equipment that consists of a continuous moving belt that is electrically driven and whose speed can be regulated to make the user walk, jog or run.

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