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tram pronunciación
1 (in full tramcar) an electrically powered passenger vehicle that runs on rails laid in the streets. N Am equivalent streetcar. See also trolley car.
2 a truck or wagon that runs on rails in a mine.
[16c: from German traam shaft, eg of a wheelbarrow, or rung of a ladder]

1 either of a pair of rails that form the track for trams to run on.
2 the route that a tram takes.
3 (tramlines) colloq
a the parallel lines at the sides of tennis and badminton courts;
b the parallel lines at the back of a badminton court.

1 (usu trammels) anything that hinders or prevents free action or movement trapped by the trammels of convention .
2 (in full trammel net) a type of long narrow triple-sectioned fishing net in which any fish that swims into the fine inner mesh carries the mesh through the coarse outer mesh where it becomes trapped in the pocket that is formed.
verb (trammelled , trammelling ; US trammeled , trammeling )
1 to hinder, restrain or prevent free movement of.
2 to catch or entangle, especially in a trammel.
[15c: from French tramail a triple-meshed fishing or fowling net]
trammelled adjective .
trammeller noun .

noun a cold north wind that blows south from the Alps into Italy and the W Mediterranean.
[17c: see tramontane]

tramontane or transmontane
1 situated or living on the far side of a mountain, especially on the other side of the Alps from an Italian perspective.
2 uncultured.
1 a foreigner.
2 someone who lacks culture.
3 tramontana.
[16c: from Italian tramontano , from Latin transmontanus from across the mountains]

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