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trail pronunciación
verb (trailed , trailing )
1 tr & intr to drag or be dragged loosely along the ground or other surface.
2 intr (usu trail along, behind, etc ) to walk or move along slowly and wearily.
3 to drag (a limb, etc), especially slowly and wearily.
4 tr & intr to fall or lag behind in eg a race or contest trailed their opponents by 20 points .
5 to follow the track or footsteps of someone or something.
6 tr & intr
a said of a plant or plant part: to grow so long that it droops over or along a surface towards the ground;
b to encourage (a plant or plant part) to grow in this way.
7 to advertise (a forthcoming programme, film, etc) by showing chosen extracts, etc.
1 a track, series of marks, footprints, etc left by a passing person, animal or thing, especially one followed in hunting.
2 a rough path or track through a wild or mountainous area.
3 something that drags or is drawn behind.
4 the part of a gun carriage that rests on the ground when the limber2 is detached.
[14c, meaning -to drag behind-]
trail away or off said especially of a voice or other sound: to become fainter.

1 someone who makes inroads into new territory; a pioneer.
2 an innovator in a particular field or activity. See also blaze a trail under blaze2.

1 the act or process of doing something innovative.
2 the act or process of breaking new ground; pioneering.
adjective innovative or pioneering.

trailer pronunciación
1 a cart, usually with two wheels, that can be hooked up behind a car, etc, and which is used for carrying small loads, transporting small boats, etc.
2 the rear section of an articulated lorry, as opposed to the tractor unit.
3 N Am a caravan.
4 cinema , TV & radio a preview or foretaste, in the form of a brief excerpt or series of such excerpts from a film, programme, etc, that serves as advance publicity before its release or showing.
5 someone or something that trails behind.
verb (trailered , trailering ) cinema , TV & radio to advertise (a film, programme, etc) with a trailer.
[19c: from trail, except noun sense 4 and verb which date from 1920s, so called because in the cinema -trailers' were shown after the main programme]

trailer park
noun , US an area reserved for mobile homes.

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