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trade pronunciación
a the act, an instance or the process of buying and selling;
b buying and selling at an international level foreign trade .
2 a a job, occupation or means of earning a living that involves skilled work, especially as opposed to professional or unskilled work left school at 16 to learn a trade ;
b the people and businesses that are involved in a specified job of this kind the building trade .
3 a business and commerce, especially as opposed to a profession or the owning of landed property;
b the people involved in this.
4 customers the lunch-time trade .
5 business at a specified time, for a specified market or of a specified nature the tourist trade .
6 (trades) the trade winds.
verb (traded , trading )
1 intr to buy and sell; to engage in trading trades in securities .
2 a to exchange (one commodity) for another;
b to exchange (blows, insults, etc);
c colloq to swap traded a photo of David Beckham for one of Ronaldo .
3 intr (trade on something) to take advantage of or exploit it traded on his sister's popularity trades on her good looks .
[14c: originally meaning -a course or path-]
trader see separate entry.
trading noun , adjective .
by trade as a means of earning a living a plumber by trade .
trade something in to give something, eg a car, domestic appliance, etc, as part payment for something else, especially for a newer, more sophisticated, etc version. See also trade-in.
trade something off to give something in exchange for something else, usually as a compromise. See also trade-off.

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