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tough pronunciación
1 strong and durable; not easily cut, broken, torn or worn out.
2 said of food, especially meat: difficult to chew.
3 said of a person, animal, etc: strong and fit and able to endure hardship.
4 difficult to deal with or overcome; testing a tough decision .
5 severe and determined; unyielding; resolute a tough customer .
6 rough and violent; criminal a tough area .
7 colloq unlucky; unjust; unpleasant The divorce was tough on the kids .
noun a rough violent person, especially a bully or criminal.
adverb , colloq aggressively; in a macho way acts tough when he's with his mates .
[Anglo-Saxon toh ]
toughish adjective .
toughly adverb .
toughness noun .
get tough with someone colloq to begin to deal with them more strictly or severely.
tough it out to withstand (a difficult, trying, etc situation) stoically or with great endurance, stamina, etc.

tough guy
1 someone who acts in an aggressively macho way.
2 someone who is perceived as being difficult to hurt, harm or dissuade from their course of action.

tough love
noun the practice of keeping a loved one who has an addiction on a strict regime without any access to alcohol, drugs, etc while at the same time showing them love, care, sympathy, etc.

tough luck
1 a misfortune, disappointment, etc It was tough luck not winning the quiz .
2 misfortune in general, especially of the kind that deserves no sympathy It's just your tough luck ? you shouldn't drink and drive .
1 expressing sympathy when something has gone wrong or not to plan.
2 expressing aggressive scorn Well, tough luck! I'm not going, so you'll just have to go by yourself .

verb (toughened , toughening ) tr & intr (also toughen up or toughen someone up) to become, or make them, tough or tougher.
toughener noun .
toughening adjective , noun .

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