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touch pronunciación
verb (touches , touched , touching )
1 to bring something, such as a hand, into contact, usually lightly, with something else touched the radiator to check that it was on .
2 a tr & intr to be in physical contact or come into physical contact with, especially lightly Make sure the seats don't touch the wallpaper ;
b to bring together in close physical contact They touched hands under the table .
3 often with negatives
a to injure, harm or hurt It's not my fault, Mum ? I never touched him! ;
b to interfere with, move, disturb, etc Who's been touching my things? ;
c to have dealings with, be associated with or be a party to something wouldn't touch that kind of job ;
d to make use of, especially as food or drink He never touches alcohol ;
e to use (eg money, etc) I don't touch the money in that account ? it's my holiday money ;
f to approach in excellence; to be as good as; to compare to Nobody can touch her at chess .
4 to concern or affect; to make a difference to It's a matter that touches us all .
5 (usu touch on or upon)
a to deal with (a matter, subject, etc), especially in passing or not very thoroughly;
b to verge towards That touches on the surreal .
6 to affect with pity, sympathy, gratitude, quiet pleasure, etc The story of his sad life touched her heart .
7 to reach or go as far as, especially temporarily The temperature touched 100 .
8 a (usu touch with) to tinge, taint, mark, modify, etc slightly or delicately The sky was touched with pink a love that's touched with sorrow ;
b to make a usually slight, sometimes harmful, impression, effect, etc on something Frost had touched the early crop .
9 (often touch in) to mark, draw or paint with light strokes.
10 (often touch someone for something) slang to ask them for and receive (money), especially a specified amount, as a loan or gift touched him for 50 quid .
noun (touches )
1 an act of touching or the sensation of being touched.
2 the sense by which the existence, nature, texture and quality of objects can be perceived through physical contact with the hands, feet, skin, lips, etc.
3 the particular texture and qualities of an object as perceived through contact with the hands, etc the silky touch of the fabric against her skin .
4 a small amount, quantity, distance, etc; a trace or hint move it left a touch .
5 a slight attack (eg of an illness).
6 a slight stroke or mark.
7 a detail which adds to or complements the general pleasing effect or appearance The flowers were an elegant touch .
8 a distinctive or characteristic style or manner need the expert's touch .
9 a musician's individual manner or technique of touching or striking the keys of a keyboard instrument or strings of a string instrument to produce a good tone.
10 an artist's or writer's individual style or manner of working.
11 the ability to respond or behave with sensitivity and sympathy have a wonderful touch with animals .
12 sport in rugby, etc: the ground outside the touchlines.
13 slang an act of asking for and receiving money from someone as a gift or loan.
14 slang someone who can be persuaded to give or lend money a soft touch .
15 a test with, or as if with, a touchstone.
[13c: from French tuchier ]
get in touch (with) to make contact or communicate (with) They got in touch by letter .
into touch rugby over the touchline.
in touch (with)
1 in contact, communication, etc (with) We still keep in touch although we haven't seen each other for 20 years .
2 up to date keeps in touch with the latest news .
3 aware or conscious (of) in touch with her inner self .
lose one's touch to become unfamiliar or out of practice I haven't played the piano for ages ? I hope I haven't lost my touch .
lose touch (with)
1 to be no longer in contact, communication, etc (with) lost touch with them after they moved house .
2 to be no longer familiar (with) or well-informed (about) lost touch with what's happening in Iraq .
lose touch with reality to behave in an eccentric, mad, etc way.
out of touch (with)
1 not in contact, communication, etc (with) been out of touch with his brother for years .
2 not up to date (with) out of touch with the new technology .
touch wood
1 to lay a hand on something wooden, or to make as if to do this, eg by patting one's head, in the superstitious belief that this will ward off bad luck.
2 an expression that is used when this is done or independently Touch wood! I hope she won't be there .
would not touch something with a bargepole see under bargepole.
touch down
1 said of an aircraft, spacecraft, etc: to land.
2 rugby to carry the ball over the goal line and put it on the ground at a point that is either behind one's own goal line as a defensive move or behind that of one's opponents to score a try. See also touchdown.
touch something off
1 to cause it to explode, eg by putting a match to it.
2 to cause it to begin; to trigger it Police brutality touched off the riots .
touch up
1 (usu touch someone up) Brit slang
a to fondle them so as to excite them sexually;
b to sexually molest them.
2 (usu touch up something) to improve it by adding small details, correcting or hiding minor faults, etc touched up the painting so it looked as good as new . See also touch-up.

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