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toss pronunciación
verb (tossed , tossing )
1 to throw something up into the air.
2 (usu toss something away, aside or out, etc ) to throw it away or discard it casually or carelessly.
3 intr (also toss about or around, etc ) to move restlessly or from side to side repeatedly.
4 tr & intr (also toss about) to be thrown or throw something from side to side repeatedly and violently a ship tossed by the storm .
5 to jerk (the head), especially as a sign of impatience or anger.
6 tr & intr
a (also toss up) to throw (a spinning coin) into the air and guess which side will land facing up, as a way of making a decision or settling a dispute;
b to settle a dispute with someone by tossing a coin toss him for the last cake .
7 to coat (food, especially salad) with oil or a dressing, etc by gently mixing or turning it.
8 said of a horse, etc: to throw (its rider).
9 said of a bull, etc: to throw (a person) into the air with its horns.
10 (also toss about or around, etc ) to discuss or consider (eg ideas) in, or as if in, light-hearted or casual debate.
1 an act or an instance of tossing.
2 a fall from a horse.
3 slang the slightest amount not give a toss .
argue the toss to dispute a decision.
toss off or toss it off Brit, coarse slang to masturbate.
toss something off
1 to drink it quickly, especially in a single swallow.
2 to produce it quickly and easily.

1 colloq an even chance or risk; something doubtful.
2 an act of tossing a coin.

noun , Brit, coarse slang a stupid or loathsome person.
[1970s in this sense: from toss off (see under toss)]

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