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top pronunciación 1
1 the highest part, point or level of anything.
2 a the highest or most important rank or position;
b the person holding this.
3 the upper edge or surface of something.
4 a lid or piece for covering the top of something.
5 a garment for covering the upper half of the body, especially a woman's body.
6 the highest or loudest degree or pitch the top of one's voice .
7 (the tops) colloq the very best person or thing.
8 (usu tops) the part of a root vegetable that is above the ground.
9 Brit top gear.
adjective at or being the highest or most important.
verb (topped , topping )
1 to cover or form the top of something, especially as a finishing or decorative touch.
2 to remove the top of something.
3 to rise above or be better than something; to surpass.
4 to reach the top of something.
5 slang
a to kill, especially by hanging;
b (top oneself) to commit suicide.
6 golf to hit the upper half of (the ball).
from top to toe completely; from head to foot.
on top of something
1 in control of it.
2 in addition to it.
3 very close to it.
on top of the world in the very best of spirits.
top the bill to head the list of performers in a show, as the main attraction.
top something off to put a finishing or decorative touch to it.
top something out to put the highest stone on (a building).
top something or someone up
1 to refill (someone's glass or a container, etc) that has been partly emptied.
2 to provide money to bring (a grant, wage or money supply, etc) to the required or desirable total.

top pronunciación 2
noun a wooden or metal toy which spins on a pointed base. Also called spinning top.
sleep like a top to sleep very soundly.

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