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tooth pronunciación
noun (pl teeth )
1 in vertebrates: any of the hard structures, usually embedded in the upper and lower jaw bones, that are used for biting and chewing food.
2 in invertebrates: any similar structure that is used for rasping or grinding food, or that resembles a vertebrate tooth.
3 anything like a tooth in shape, arrangement or function, such as one of many equally spaced projections around the edge of a gear wheel or points on a comb.
4 in compounds an appetite or liking, especially for sweet foods a sweet tooth .
5 (teeth) enough power or force to be effective.
verb (toothed , toothing )
1 to provide something with teeth.
2 intr said of cogs: to interlock.
[Anglo-Saxon toth ]
toothless adjective
1 without teeth.
2 powerless or ineffective.
get one's teeth into something to tackle or deal with it vigorously or eagerly, etc.
in the teeth of something against it; in opposition to it.
kick in the teeth and kick someone in the teeth see under kick.
long in the tooth colloq old.
set someone's teeth on edge
1 to cause them a sharp pain in the teeth, eg when they eat something very cold.
2 to cause them to wince.
3 to irritate them severely.
take the teeth out of something to make it harmless.
tooth and nail fiercely and with all one's strength.

También tienes: toot
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